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Tuesday, 5th July 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany
Current Weather
Conditions:Clear Sky
Feels Like:22°C
Wind:320 / 12 Knots
Humidity:50 %
Bar. Pressure:1022 hPa
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Runway Operations

Recent Activities
 23LUpdated:   18:24 (EWG1RB)
Cont. Use: 12h25m (173x)
 23RUpdated:   18:26 (EWG9LP)
Cont. Use: 1h23m (15x)
Wind Components
23 0.6 Knots
05-0.6 Knots
X-Wind 12 Knots
Expected Availability
Tuesday, 5th July 2022
23L 00:00 - 23:59
23R Closed
Activities based on ADS-B messages (>80% aircraft coverage).
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▸︎ Ural Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A321-200

Rainer Spoddig (2022)
«Three cargoflights from Yekatarinburg from Ural Airlines at the same time»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Hajo Warnken (1986)
«Diversions from Schiphol on a sunny Sunday in autumn. From left to right C-FCRE Canadian Pacific, PH-AGA KLM, C-GCPD CP Air, N4935C Surinam Airways and PH-BUA KLM»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2020)
«Stored a/c due to Corona-Crisis»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2019)
«Airport overview»

▸︎ Air Berlin
▸︎ Airbus A330-200

Michael Stappen (2017)
▸︎ Azur Air Germany
▸︎ Boeing 767-300

Jost Gruchel (2017)
«together with D-AZUC and VQ-BUP»

▸︎ Air Berlin
▸︎ Airbus A319-100

Rainer Spoddig (2012)
«Crowded apron on a sunday early morning.»
▸︎ Eurowings
▸︎ Canadair CRJ-900

Rainer Spoddig (2012)
«Busy apron after sunrise»

▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ Airbus A340-300

Jost Gruchel (2012)
«D-AIKG going to EWR, D-AIGO to ORD and D-AIGS to MIA»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2012)
«Busy apron on a sunday evening»

▸︎ SunExpress
▸︎ Boeing 737-800
▸︎ TC-SNM Collection (2011)
«SunExpress invasion at DUS...»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2003)
«Beginning of lowpass over rwy 23L during sightseeingflight. Airport railway station with visitors terrasse comes into view. Taken from Air Albatros AN-2 D-FONE. Scan from paperprint.»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2003)
«After low overflight over rwy 23L during sightseeingflight crossing the apron with white Tyrolean in foreground, the longterm resident CBJet Tristar V2-LFQ in background. Taken from Air Albatros AN-2 D-FONE. Scan from paperprint.»
▸︎ Streamline
▸︎ Short 330

Felix Goetting (1999)
«Overview of DUS when old pier B was broken off. Photo was taken from Short 330 G-SSWU (August 12, 1999).»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2011)
«Blue hour @ DUS»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2011)
«Sunday evening overview.»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (1993)
«May, 23rd 1993: New northern rwy, old cargocenter with new one under construction. Scan from paperprint.»
▸︎ Ju-Air
▸︎ Junkers Ju-52

Rainer Spoddig (1993)
«May, 23rd 1993: New rwy 05L on left edge with light pavement. Part of old rwy 15/33 on lower edge of airport ground. Newly built A44 in forground is obvioulsy not in use already. Scan from paperprint.»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Michael Stappen (2010)
▸︎ Airport Overview

Michael Stappen (2010)

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