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Monday, 3rd October 2022
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▸︎ Iberia
▸︎ Airbus A320-200neo

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Baptized in the name of The Virgin of Loreto, who is the patron saint of the air force and aviation in Spain, seen here taxing for the start run on runway 05R»
▸︎ Turkish Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A350-900

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«A few seconds after touching down for the first time on Runway 05L on August 5th . TC-LGI is one of four A350-900s, originally built for Aeroflot but not taken up. All four were delivered to Turkish Airlines in July in this Aeroflot basic livery»

▸︎ ADAC Ambulance
▸︎ Dornier 328-300JET

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Although there were serious plans to continue production by various companies also from America and Turkey, ultimately only 110 Dornier 328-Jets were built between 1996 and 2002, here D-BADA built in 2001 and delivered in 2005»
▸︎ Almasria Universal Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Originally built for Silk Air, this A320 has been operated by AlMasria since 2015. Seen here on July 27th in service for FlyOne Moldova»

▸︎ Fordair
▸︎ Gulfstream I

Hajo Warnken (1989)
«Grummans Gulfstream I was the first turboprop business jet, of which 211 were built from 1959 to 1969 and was powered by two Rolls-Royce Dart propeller engines»
▸︎ Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
▸︎ McDonnell Douglas DC-9-40

Hajo Warnken (1989)
«Are Viking spent his entire active life 27 years in service with SAS, only once changed his livery to this scheme»

▸︎ LTU Süd
▸︎ Boeing 767-300

Hajo Warnken (1989)
«Seen here shortly after delivery to LTU-Süd in February 1989. D-AMUS was transferred to parent company LTU in late 1997 and four years later D-AMUS left DUS in March 2002 in full Hawaiian Airlines livery»
▸︎ Titan Airways
▸︎ Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

Hajo Warnken (1989)
«Even a Titan started out small - by the way, Titan AW got its name from the first plane in service, a Cessna 406 Titan. Reregistered as G-ZAPE, G-BPDL crashed on January 13, 1993 on a cargo flight near Sellafield for unknown reasons»

▸︎ Lufthansa Express
▸︎ Boeing 737-300

Hajo Warnken (1991)
«Berlins application for the 2000 Summer Olympics was sought in the course of reunification. Ultimately, Sydney became the venue. D-ABEE still flies today as SX-LWA for Lumiwings»
▸︎ Ghana Airways
▸︎ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
▸︎ 9G-ANC

Hajo Warnken (2000)
«9G-ANC was already 25 years old when she was bought by Ghana AW in December 1999, having already been in service for KLM as PH-DTI, SAS as OY-KDB, World AW as N109WA and Malaysian AW as 9M-MAZ»

▸︎ Flight Calibration Services
▸︎ Beech 350 Super King Air

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«The entire aircraft fleet of Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH - Flight Calibration Services. D-CFMF together with sister D-CFME behind»
▸︎ FunAir Corporation
▸︎ Boeing 727-100
▸︎ N727LA

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«An old friend who, since being delivered to Pan American as N358PA in 1967, has been used for a long time in the Berlin shuttle to DUS and again at Lohausen in 2017 as VP-BAP, still flying as such in 2022»

▸︎ Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
▸︎ Airbus A320-200neo

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Asfried Viking, delivered new to SAS in June 2020, seen during evening take off run 23L»
▸︎ Aviogenex
▸︎ Boeing 727-200

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«After only two years of service with Alitalia as I-DIRT, the still quite new YU-AKM, named after the coastal city of Pula, was put into service with the Yugoslav airline Aviogenex in spring 1985»

▸︎ Cyprus Airways
▸︎ Boeing 707-100
▸︎ 5B-DAO

Hajo Warnken (1980)
«Cyprus AW operated the scheduled service to Larnaca in the early 1980s with their five 100-series Boeing 707s, originally built for American Airlines»
▸︎ UAE - Air Force
▸︎ Lockheed C-130 Hercules
▸︎ 1214

Hajo Warnken (1989)
«This Hercules model-H with the clearly visible auxiliary tanks for long range operations has been flying with the U.A.E. Air Force for forty years since delivery in 1981. The desert camouflage has been replaced meanwhile by an inconspicuous gray paint»

▸︎ Air Alsie A/S
▸︎ Pilatus PC-12

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Air Alsie operates an extensive fleet ranging from the 6-8 seat PC-12, here OY-VLT arriving from Exeter at the GAT on July 15th, through various Falcons of the 2000, 7X and 8X series up to the ATR72-500.»
▸︎ GetJet Airlines
▸︎ Boeing 737-800

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«A new addition to the Getjet Airlines fleet and now on wet lease to Air Malta is this B.737-800 ex VH-VOY, which was leased to Tigerair Australia until the end of 2020.»

▸︎ Netherlands - Police
▸︎ Eurocopter EC-135

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Visiting the German colleagues. A good comparison between a Eurocopter EC-135 and the newer model EC-145 D-HNWW of the NRW police helicopter squadron»
▸︎ Turkish Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A330-300

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Refahiye, one of the current 54-strong A330 Turkish AL fleet, wears the 300th Aircraft decal since delivery in Spring 2016, and is seen here shortly before touchdown on runway 23R»

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