Weather Information

Saturday, 4th April 2020
Düsseldorf, Germany
Current Weather
Conditions:Scattered Clouds
Feels Like:4°C
Wind:150 / 7 Knots
Humidity:50 %
Bar. Pressure:1025 hPa
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Runway Operations

Recent Activities
 23LUpdated:   08:56 (EWG1NT)
Cont. Use: 2d1h (28x)
 23LUpdated:   21:31 (EWG6LW)
Cont. Use: 2d11h (33x)
Wind Components
23 0.9 Knots
05-0.9 Knots
X-Wind 6.9 Knots
Expected Availability
Saturday, 4th April 2020
23L 00:00 - 23:59
23R Closed
Activities based on ADS-B messages (>80% aircraft coverage).
Weather & Wind data kindly provided by OpenWeather.

Please find below the movement schedule for DUS plane spotting community. Flight information kindly provided by Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH and adapted by team to serve the aviation enthusiast community, showing aircraft of increased interest to enthusiasts.

Terms of Use: For general flight information please visit the official airport website. All information here is provided "as is". Absolutely no guarantee of availability, complete­ness or correct­ness. Please give credit to this site when sharing any information provided here.

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Notice: Due to the current situation we have removed the flight filter, now showing all remaining flights. Please stay at home and do not go out for plane spotting! See you again in better times!

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