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Fri 19.10.18 20:00

SunExpress DUS Summer 2019 network additions

SunExpress Germany in Summer 2019 season is adding various service to Turkey, Tunisia and Bulgaria, reflected in recent schedule update.

Planned new routes addition as follows:

Dusseldorf Ankara 10JUN19 29AUG19 2 weekly 737-800 (In addition to 7 weekly SunExpress flight)
Dusseldorf Bodrum eff 05MAY19 1 weekly 737-800 (In addition to 2 weekly SunExpress flight)
Dusseldorf Kutahya eff 13JUN19 1 weekly 737-800
Dusseldorf Malatya 08JUN19 28SEP19 1 weekly 737-800

Following routes served by SunExpress be served by SunExpress Germany instead in Summer 2019:

Dusseldorf Dalaman eff 02MAY19 2 weekly 737-800 (SunExpress Germany also previously served this route along with SunExpress until October 2016)

Source: Airlineroute

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